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On 3rd December 2017, to celebrate International Day for Persons with Disabilities, Social Welfare Department, Maharashtra and Lions International, organised an Athletic Meet and an exhibition of products made by students with special needs.

The event was held at the Goregaon Sports Club, and more than 20 special Schools participated.

From Dilkhush, 20 of our athletes took part in the March Past and sports events.

Our students participated in the 50 and 100 mts. runs, Soft Ball Throw, Standing Long Jump and Shot Put events.

The athletes were cheered on by their friends, staff and parents.

Kiran Both won a gold medal in the Standing Long Jump event (females 8-11yrs.),

Joshua Chandran secured a bronze in the Standing Long Jump event (males 8-11yrs.) and Nitin Singh got a gold in the Shot Put event (males 17-21yrs.)





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