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postheadericon Awareness Program at Metro stations

Every year, 3rd-10th December is celebrated as World Disability Week, internationally. The theme for this year is, Inclusion matters: Access and Empowerment of people of all abilities.

To spread this message and create awareness about people with intellectual disability, our students put up a short performance, at the Reliance Mumbai Metro stations, on 8th December 2015.

17 students danced to the song Chanda Suraj, by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Through this dance, they conveyed the message that, ‘Love overcomes everything’.

The dance was repeated a number of times at the Saki Naka and Andheri Metro stations. It was well received and appreciated by not just the people travelling, but also by the Metro staff accompanying us.

Many people stopped to watch the performance; some spoke with the students, some posed for photos with them, others wanted to know more about our school. Without exception, everyone who stopped to talk mentioned, how well the students conducted themselves, and how well coordinated they were when they danced.

Awareness was created not just through the dance, but also while we travelled with the students, on the Metro. We are very grateful to Reliance Mumbai Metro for providing us with this opportunity






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